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At Kokosh our mission is to make women feel comfortable in their skin by working on a cellular level while educating them on how skin works and the importance of at-home skincare as well as in-salon treatments.

Get to Know Us

We know how daunting not feeling comfortable in your skin can be and are determined to not only correct skin concerns but to also educate our clients on how skin works, why certain skin conditions happen & what to do to prevent it. What we put on our skin is important; however, it does not end there. It is safe to say what we put in our body is equally important to what we put on the outside,  after all, our skin is the largest organ of our body!


No two skin is the same, so when it comes to skincare there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach. This is the main reason behind why we use medical-grade bespoke skincare products in-salon. With the freedom bespoke skincare provides, our skin specialists are able to compound the perfect products for you, to treat your skin with the care and uniqueness it deserves! 


At Kokosh we are determined to provide our clients with the help & support they need. Our qualified skin specialists are committed & trained to diagnose & correct various skin concerns while keeping the clients best interest in mind. We offer an extensive selection of advanced skin treatments, massage & wellness packages, advanced body treatments and beauty services.   

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