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About Us

Kokosh Beauty's passion is "Healthy Skin", we offer customised facials and advanced skin treatments to treat various skin conditions. We are a boutique clinic prioritising in our customers happiness and well being, therefore, offering effective results, relaxing environment and beautiful atmosphere. Your smile is our greatest satisfaction.

With our years of industry experience, our qualified therapists are committed and trained to perform and conduct your treatments in a safe and professional environment. We offer an extensive selection of beauty and skin treatments. We not only diagnose and treat your skin, but we help program a skincare routine and treatment plan to help you get the results you are after.

We use and supply both Australian 'Skinstitut' and "Aika True wellness" products.

Skinstitut is formulated by leading cosmetic chemists and pharmacists to ensure effective use of active ingredients, delivery systems, and biomimetic formulations to deliver results and products that really work. 

Aika is a unique and worlds first 100% certified organic, AYURVEDIC inspired range of skincare.  


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