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Facial Therapy

Expert Skin Chat + Booster Treatment (50 mins) $100

Comprehensive skin analysis and consultation. A through in-depth skin analysis + skin treatment to provide you with the knowledge and a unique treatment plan + prescription to guide you in optimising the health of your skin.

This consultation includes a Skin Analysis session + progress photos, full booster facial + email of skin prescription.

(Fully redeemable on product purchases of $250+)

Enzyme Booster Facial Therapy (45 mins) $175

An essential facial treatment that will support + restore skin health and assist in the correction of your individual skin conditions. Bespoke compound treatment for any skin type.

Performance Facial Therapy  (60 mins) $205

A high-powered skin treatment with a strong focus on skin rejuvenation and repair. This multi-layered treatment is tailored with layering active compounds and active double masks. The facial aims to reset and reboot the skin, to restore and reprogram healthier skin.

Advanced Facial Therapy (90 mins) $279

The ultimate treatment your skin needs. This comprehensive and targeted treatment is tailored with layering active compounds, active double masks, alga mask + LED light therapy. The facial addresses multiple aspects of skin health, resulting in a rejuvenated, refreshed, and radiant complexion. 

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