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Facials in Essendon and Melbourne

At Kokosh we perform skin therapy treatments using dermatological skin care ingredients, and high performing therapy modalities to create significant changes and corrections in any skin concern. 

Using highly specialised compounding practices in which combines and mixes, precise skin actives and ingredients tailored to respond to individual skin concerns.

All our facial treatments restore skin surface health and increase cellular energy and function aiding in long-term skin results.

Whether you’re looking to cleanse your skin, tighten your pores, or you simply want to pamper yourself, KoKosh can help. We offer several facials to help our clients feel relaxed and re-energised. 

Every day, our faces are exposed to a number of different elements which can damage our skin, clog up our pores, and leave us feeling run down. Thankfully, there are many treatments to combat this, and facials are one of them.

Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy and Young with Facials at KoKosh Beauty Skin Wellness

Facials play a great role in keeping skin nourished, plumped, and young. Skin is attacked with UV rays and other toxic substances daily, which builds up on skin surfers and clogs up pores. However, with regular facials, you can maintain great-looking skin every season.


The most notable benefit of a FACIAL is pampering! When you are treating yourself to a facial, you are focusing on you, away from devices, work, and daily duties. You feel recharged and reenergised. 

  • Reduces stress

  • Skin cleanse

  • Prevents aging

  • Facial massage promotes blood circulation

  • Helps detoxify the skin

  • Rejuvenates 

  • Treats acne & acne scarring 

  • Eliminates whiteheads & blackheads 

  • Opens up all the pores

  • Tightens Skin

  • Helps reduce dark circles and under-eye bags...

All our facials are tailored to individual skin needs and conditions. 


Maintain healthy-looking skin year-round when you book a facial treatment at our Melbourne clinic today. We provide a variety of treatment options that are tailored to individual needs.


Expert Skin Chat + Booster Treatment (50 mins) $100


 Comprehensive skin analysis and consultation. A through in-depth skin analysis + skin treatment to provide you with the knowledge and a unique treatment plan + prescription to guide you in optimising the health of your skin. This consultation includes Skin Analysis session + progress photos, full booster facial + email skin prescription. (Fully redeemable on product purchases of $250+)



Enzyme Booster Facial Therapy (45 mins) $130


An essential facial treatment that will support + restore skin health and assist in the correction of your individual skin conditions. Bespoke compound treatment for any skin type.

This facial treatment includes Skin coaching, double cleanse, enzyme mask, compound bespoke medical-grade actives, tailored bespoke active mask and anti-aging finishing products.


Performance Facial Therapy  (75 mins) $165


A high-powered skin treatment with a strong focus on skin rejuvenation and repair. Multi-layered treatment is tailored with layering active compounds and active double masks. The facial aims to reset and reboot the skin, to restore and reprogram healthier skin.

High Performance SkinTightening Facial (70 mins) $250

Combination of Booster facial + Radio Frequency (Rf) Skin Tightening

Treat Yourself to Regular Facials at Our Essendon Clinic Today

At KoKosh Beauty, we have a passion for healthy skin and provide a number of services to help you maintain a beautiful, youthful appearance. Whether you’re looking for microdermabrasion treatments, IPL hair removal, or customised facials, our Essendon clinic has it all. 

As a boutique clinic, we work hard to prioritise our customers’ happiness, achieving exceptional results through high-quality treatments, a nurturing environment, and a dedicated, professional team. 

Our years of industry experience have allowed us to create an extensive selection of treatments to help our clients feel confident in their skin.

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