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Plasma Pen 

What is Plasma Pen?

Plasma pen treatment is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment which will give our customers the most amazing results , normally achieved by surgery.

Plasma Pen is a hand device which generates plasma  by establishing a flash of heat to ionise the air between the pen and the skin causing an arc.  Plasma is a mixture of 3 elements; solid, liquid and gas. When these elements are combined they create a static charge causing a spark that is visible to the human eye. Plasma utilises a controlled amount of energy to create an instant contraction of the skins fibre for skin correction. It sublimates the skin therefore energy applied to the skin does not travel further away which makes the treatment safe to perform.

Plasma Pen treatment is:

  • Resurfacing – Removes the outer layer of the skin to generate new skin as a non-surgical lift, corrects epidermal flaws

  • Firms and tightens – Creates an instant contraction of the skins fibres to lift the skin

  • Kills bacteria

  • Encourages a natural memory of the skin to produce more collagen and elastin.


Benefits of Plasma Pen 

  • Plasma is the only technology that has the ability to sublimate the skin which means energy applied to the skin will not travel further away from the path visible. This makes the treatment extremely safe to perform on the eye area

  • Safe and effective for most skin types

  • Alternative to costly, risky and time consuming surgical procedures

  • Minimal down time

  • Time friendly

Plasma Pen Price List

Upper Eyelid $699

Lower Eyelid $699

Upper and Lower Eyelid $999

Perioral (around mouth) lines $499

Preaurcular Wrinkles $499

Crows Feet $299

Nasolabial Lines $319

Nose Sculpt $599

Top Lip/ Smokers Line $399

Bottom Lip $299

Forehead Lines $449

Jowl $499

Full Neck Lift $1199

Belly Button Area $499

Stomach  $799

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