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Eyelash Extensions

Are you after stunning, elegant-looking lashes without all the hassle of mascara, eyeliner, and fake lashes? At KoKosh Beauty, we offer semi-permanent eyelash extensions so our clients can achieve the lashes of their dreams without having to apply makeup daily.

With various styles and products available, we can customise your lashes' curl, volume, and length to create stunning results that perfectly suit your eyes. 


Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are applied individually and directly to the natural eyelash with a bonding agent (glue), making them last up to 4-6 weeks. We stock a wide range of eyelash extension products, which means we can customise the look that suits your lifestyle.


Classic Lash Extensions

Classic Set

Classic Lash Refills (60 mins)

Classic Lash Refills (90 mins) 

Volume Lash Extension

Volume Set

Volume Lash Refills (60 mins)

Volume Lash Refills (90 mins)       








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