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Medical Skin Needling

What is skin needling and how does it work?

Skin needling is a treatment used to help minimise the appearance of pores, scars, and wrinkles to achieve youthful and firmer skin. 

The skin needling process involves using fine, medical-grade needles to target problem areas by penetrating the underlying layers of the skin. This then triggers a healing response to encourage collagen formation and minimise the appearance of several skin concerns.

Benefits of skin needling

  • Minimising fine lines (particularly lines around the lip and eye area).

  • Reducing pore size and improving your skin’s texture

  • Increasing your skin’s natural collagen formation

  • Reducing scars

  • Diminishing stretch marks

  • Strengthening your epidermal skin barrier.

  • Improving cellular communication and therefore assisting your skin in operating at optimal efficiency

  • Reducing pigmentation

  • Assisting sluggish skin that is slow to heal


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